Clooney: 'We're a very divided country'

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  • Clooney is involved in several humanitarian projects
  • More than 60,000 people have fled the country

Clooney, an outspoken humanitarian and Democrat, told CNN’s Jake Tapper Monday that people should not think of the new country as just “another corrupt government.”

“The reality is if South Sudan is a failed state, we’ve seen what influences take over in a failed state, and it’s never good,” Clooney said. “And that’s something we’ll have to deal with for generations, if we don’t deal with it now. Now, it’s easy. It’ll be a lot harder in the years to come.”

Nearly 122,000 refugees have fled South Sudan since July 8, according to the UN’s refugee agency UNHCR.

South Sudan’s government agreed to the deployment of an additional 4,000 peacekeepers on behalf of the United Nations Security Council earlier this month.

Clooney said that wasn’t enough by itself.

“It’s not just that the peacekeepers are allowed in, though listen, every bit helps,” Clooney said. “It’s also the mandate that they’re given. And, that’s going to be a big deal.”

The movie star, a Hillary Clinton supporters, also weighed in on the Democrat’s campaign, dismissing a question about whether she should be running away with the race.

“It’s been a long time since races weren’t close … we’re a very divided country,” he said. “That’s too bad, I think. We’re not a divided people. We all want the same things in life which is our families to be happy and healthy and to be proud of our country, and so I hope somewhere along the way we stop being so divided.”

And he said if Donald Trump is elected it wouldn’t affect his work around the globe.

“No, I don’t have concerns with that,” Clooney said, ticking off his international efforts. “That work continues no matter who’s in charge.”

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